Dayton Metropolitan Library

Dayton Metropolitan Library


The main branch of the Dayton Metro Library held a Grand Opening in August 2017. The new 224,000 square foot structure provided a broad scope of work for the Gostomsky Masonry team. In addition to three 65-foot stair towers, two elevator shafts extended from two stories underground to 65 feet into the air to provide access from a new underground parking garage to the new three-story library.

In an effort to preserve historical elements of the previous library building, the Gostomsky team took granite from the old building and used it to build the memorial sign across the street with a statue. Standing 40 feet high, it is a block structure wrapped with fabricated pieces of 4.5” thick repurposed granite.

The granite was also incorporated into the stairwell bases on the main floor, reflecting light from the beautiful new three-story atrium.

Gostomsky Masonry’s work on this project garnered them another MCAD award for Excellence in Masonry.

Alter High School Christine Connor & Fred J. Miller Conservatory of the Arts

Christine Connor & Fred J. Miller Conservatory of the Arts/Alter HS


Set to be completed in May 2018, the $4.3 million Christine Connor & Fred J. Miller Conservatory of the Arts is a ground-up addition to Alter High School’s existing footprint. The addition includes a dedicated theater space, a large instrumental room, visual art studios and additional classroom space. Structural CMU shell with brick veneer exterior.




Abbott, a Fortune 100 company, selected Tipp City as the site for its new manufacturing facility that will create 240 new jobs. This state-of-the-art plant will specialize in aseptic packaging technology. The Gostomsky Masonry team contributed to the construction of the heavy duty 12” block structure with 50,000 CMU blocks that made up all of the interior block work. The mission was accomplished in a short amount of time — just three months.

Evans Scholar House/Miami University

Evans Scholar House/Miami University


Founded in 1974, the Evans Scholars award full tuition and living accommodations to the country’s finest golf caddies. The new, highly anticipated 24,000 sq ft Miami University Evans Scholarship House replaces a much smaller house built in the 70’s.

Winner of the MCAD Excellence in Masonry award, the new structure was built in less than favorable winter conditions, staying on schedule and under budget. The construction project created living accommodations not only for male caddies, but finally for female caddies as well. This Gostomsky team creation resulted in an entirely new structure of brick and stone, complete with an elevator, as well as a brick and stone veneer.

Green Project/Riverscape - Photo: Randall L. Schieber

Green Project/Riverscape


Built during an exceptionally cold and snowy winter, the ticketing building and restrooms at Riverscape in downtown Dayton are the endcap to a beautiful and “green” landmark.

The Gostomsky team’s Riverscape construction features include a public-use facility and sustainable design. The Bike Hub is a 15,000 sf LEED Silver regional model complete with a green roof. The building provides indoor, secure bike storage, locker rooms, and concessions for park visitors.

South Market – Mixed Use

South Market – Mixed Use


This new, mixed use development includes street level shops and four luxury apartments overlooking downtown Troy.

Tasked with capturing the architect’s vision for beautiful masonry and a structurally superior elevator shaft, the Gostomsky team rose to the occasion.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Secure Sites

Due to our attention to detail, integrity, and professionalism, Gostomsky Masonry is often called upon for work at secure government sites such as military bases, corrections facilities, and water treatment plants. The in-depth background checks, highly scrutinized site entrance and exit procedures, and rigid design specs are all old hat for us. We welcome the work even if we’re not allowed to show it off on our website once it’s complete.

  • Secure Military Facilities
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Correctional Facilities



Lebanon Correctional Institution


8,313 square feet of new & renovation work at the Lebanon Correctional Institution—a multi-million-dollar project that had to be completed in a tight timeline under very strict security. Work included laying block for a new 1,200 square foot, standalone Armory and 4,443 square feet of renovations and 2,670 sq ft of additions to the Institution’s administration area. Strict security and only one available entrance is very challenging for the crew. They make sure to count and track every tool and piece of equipment at the beginning and the end of the day to ensure optimum security compliance. Work is expected to be complete by the end of Spring 2018.

Kettering Fairmont High School Auditorium

Kettering Fairmont High School Auditorium


Kettering Fairmont High School is home to approximately 2,500 students, making it the 6th largest high school in Ohio. Soon it will also be home to a new $10 million auditorium.

The new building’s 50-foot facade Gostomsky Masonry is constructing will provide a higher ceiling for “fly space” which is a “huge deal” for the theater program. It allows the scenery to be shifted up and down during a performance.

The existing auditorium is about 11,200-square-feet, including the lobby. The new auditorium will be 19,200-square-feet. The size of the stage will increase to 4,800-square-feet, up from 3,000. An October 2018 completion date is expected.

Fifth Third Bank - York Commons

Fifth Third Bank – York Commons


Fifth Third Bank has 1,154 branches in 10 states and the Gostomsky Masonry team was pleased to provide all of the brick veneer and stonework for the new construction of a branch in North Dayton.


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