As true as it is that it’s what’s inside that counts, we can’t deny that the outside makes quite a difference too. It doesn’t matter a great deal to people if the inside of a building is opulent and beautiful when the outside doesn’t match. Gostomsky knows how to strike the perfect balance between inviting, pleasing to the eye, and standard-exceeding safety.
Being green is not just a trend when it comes to masonry. Masonry has been green since the dawn of time. Since brick, concrete, and stone are natural materials, there is less fabrication involved than with other materials. In addition, the natural composition of masonry materials put together into a building project end up driving energy costs down. Green for the environment and more green for your wallet.

Masonry uses products that are mostly natural, such as cement stone, concrete blocks, and bricks. Stone is found practically everywhere you look and can be used for most projects, such as buildings, countertops, floors, memorials, and roofing. The durability of masonry products means less need for repair down the road, which means less of a drain on our environment. Because masonry products are harder materials and require machinery to become the structure it was meant for, some may say that it takes so much more time, effort, and money to build buildings using masonry. However, the truth is that is the greenest way to build. The materials are sustainable, they last longer, require little maintenance over time, and have no need for paints and adhesives. While parts of the building may be very large, massive pieces of equipment are unnecessary, as is a large staging area.

Keeping the green tradition alive with the manufacturing of masonry products, because masonry requires less maintenance and replacements over the years, there is less need for the manufacturing of these products altogether. When it does come time for a repair, these materials are often manufactured locally. This translates to lower transportation costs. In addition, these materials are not a gathering place for mold because there is nothing on masonry materials for mold to adhere to and grow on. Just make sure you keep your beautiful masonry clean and maintained. In addition, these materials improve the quality of air indoors, and reduce our carbon footprint.

Weather can happen anywhere, especially in the Midwest. With every season comes challenges, but none that masonry is not ready to meet. Masonry is resistant to excess water, snow, wind, heat, humidity, and even fire. Because of that, masonry projects prove a significant savings in insurance and maintenance. Masonry is truly a great investment that stands the test of time and pretty much everything else.

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