Life-Cycle Costs

It is estimated that the annual cost of having and fully maintaining a building built with masonry is at least $500,000 less than the next least expensive popular building material. So what else makes masonry stand out among other types of building materials? It’s actually more than just the materials, it’s everything else that goes into it, like the talent, the precision, and the dedication to a job well done. With all of these elements put together, masonry produces buildings that are more efficient, cost-effective, and durable. Overall, the lifecycle costs to build and maintain a building with masonry, are far less than cheaper materials, which degrade quickly, taking with it the beauty the project once had.

For instance, a cost analysis on concrete wall, tested against glass, metal panels, and heavy-duty insulated finish systems showed masonry as number two in the area of up-front costs. However, as time progresses, many materials will need replaced, revamped, or just redone. The costs associated with maintenance and yearly upkeep on masonry repairs for a large building is estimated to be about $9.9 million. Even though it may seem like a steep amount, the truth is that masonry comes in less costly than other materials. Others materials in this particular analysis, specifically the metal panel and heavy-duty insulated finish systems come in at a $10.3 million investment.

In this analysis is the same building type, but made of glass instead of masonry materials. Glass, while beautiful and opulent, is one of the quickest ways to spend a lot more money. It’s annual maintenance cost comes in at a whopping $13.3 million, not to mention the fact that it costs more to insure a building made with or of glass, as well as to heat or cool.

Materials such as brick, stone, and concrete work together to make a structure not only unique and pleasing to the eye, but to be a better value all around. These materials are mostly natural and because of their unique ability to keep inside temperatures either warm or cool longer, as well as to withstand catastrophic circumstances, they are less expensive to ensure and provide energy for. It’s no wonder that masonry has been a cornerstone in building for so many centuries.


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