Fire Safety

As true as it is that it’s what’s inside that counts, we can’t deny that the outside makes quite a difference too. It doesn’t matter a great deal to people if the inside of a building is opulent and beautiful when the outside doesn’t match. Gostomsky knows how to strike the perfect balance between inviting, pleasing to the eye, and standard-exceeding safety.

A major part of that safety is fire safety. Fire can occur for a number of reasons, no matter the geographical area. Many building materials are labeled as ‘fire-resistant,’ but most cannot actually withstand fire. Whether or not they truly resist, when it comes to the point there is a fire, buildings made of materials other than masonry will burn if they get hot enough. However, masonry materials are non-combustible and made from natural materials that never burn.

The materials responsible for keeping the safety and durability of masonry alive include concrete blocks, cement stone, and bricks and are used to create countertops, floors, roofing, memorials, as well as most every other part of a building. They are tested and proven to withstand fire and other harsh circumstances.

We all deserve second chances in life, but masonry products don’t need them. Whether it be cement, stone, or concrete, when safety is the concern, masonry is the number one choice of building materials. Under the stress of an ASTM E119 test where building materials are put under fire, at nearly 1800° F for two hours and then sprayed with a fire hose, only one type of material is left standing. While drywall, plywood, and other materials crumble to the ground after exposure to the fire and then the fire hose, it is masonry that is still standing. It is masonry that you can count on.


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