Brief History of Masonry

Ever since the time that the Egyptian Pyramids, the Colosseum in Rome, and the Great Wall of China were built, masonry has been the number one choice for many architects and builders. The way we build and the materials we use have evolved over the centuries, but masonry still remains of high quality through and through.
Bricks have been used over the last 6,000 years, although the techniques to make and use them have changed for the better. In the past, sun-baked clay bricks were used, while chopped straw and grass were added to the clay in order to prevent cracking.
The bricks used today, however, are a combination of cement, sand, and crushed stone or light aggregate. They are more sophisticated than in years past thanks in large part to block plant automation. Despite the fact that we are in the digital age where it seems like everything is automated, the artistry, craftsmanship, and skill required of a mason can never be duplicated or replaced by machines.
Masonry has always been a top choice for a reason. It is resistant to fire, earthquakes, and sound. Its materials come together to create an artistically durable structure that withstands centuries of normal wear and tear. They say history repeats itself. In this case, that is a wonderful thing.

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